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Introducing the new Lead Pastors of New Hope Foursquare Church:

Isaac and Donia have been married for 15 years and have been blessed with three wonderful children, Jenna (14), Owen (11) and Ava Grace (6). Together they feel grateful for God’s love and blessing in their lives.

Donia lived in Sacramento, CA until leaving for Life Pacific College in San Dimas. Donia is a gifted musician and singer, a credentialed math tutor, an actress and lives authentically. You may see her (and Isaac too) out running on the streets of Salem! She was a successful Cross Country runner in high school and as an adult has completed 2 marathons! In one of them, she beat Isaac handily…like by an hour!

At 9 years of age Donia’s family came to know Jesus through a Foursquare Church in Sacramento. She was soon baptized and looks back in fondness at the amazing growing experiences that church family gave her: youth group, summer camp and serving at church!

Isaac has been involved with Foursquare for his whole life. His parents, Jon and Linda, have pastored Creswell Faith Center since 1987 and previously, were an active part of Life Center in Monmouth while serving as the directors of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at Western Oregon State College (now WOU).

After graduating high school in 1997, Isaac travelled to San Dimas to attend Life Pacific College. Upon completing his BA (Emphasizing Pastoral Studies) in 2001, Donia and Isaac were married. Donia graduated from Life Pacific with her BA 1 year later (while 8 1/2 months pregnant with Jenna!)

Isaac then moved to Oregon and assisted the ministry at Creswell Faith Center. While there, he preached, led worship and developed leaders. In 2004, he was invited to join the staff of Evergreen Christian Center as Young Adults Pastor. While at Evergreen for the next 7 years he served under Marc Shaw and then Ann and Jared Roth as Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Worship Pastor, Assistant Pastor and Associate Pastor.

Most recently, the Hovets pastored Cottage Grove Faith Center in Cottage Grove, OR. Their leadership connected the greater town to the church family and built bridges in a community that desperately needs unity. After 5.5 years there, God called them to begin a brand new season at New Hope! They are trusting the Lord to care for Cottage Grove Faith Center just as God is being faithful to New Hope!

In the Hovet’s words:

“We are excited to make our way to Marion County! Our family is looking forward to getting to know the staff and leaders of New Hope! And, we are so curious about Salem and the surrounding areas! Soon we will be on an adventure with you! We have so much to learn from you! While is it difficult to leave behind our wonderful church in Cottage Grove, we are looking forward to loving you with our whole hearts. Jesus has been very good to us and we anticipate falling even more in love with him once we hear your amazing stories of God’s faithfulness. We will be there soon! Hugs and High Fives!”