It is our dream to have you with us! We say around here that:

"You are here on Purpose!"

You might be new to faith or looking to reinvigorate a faith you used to have. Just as Jesus did, we welcome you with open arms. We use the word "BELONG" a lot because we think that Jesus INCLUDED people who didn't have their stuff all together. He loved them where they were at and trusted the journey of following him to shape their lives. Around here at New Hope, you'll discover a community of people who trust the process and so we will love you for you! 

If there is anything that we can do to assist you on your journey to or with NEW HOPE, we would love to be of assistance!

With love, 

Isaac Hovet—Lead Pastor


Jesus includes everyone...

YOU are welcome to come as you are...

Sunday Gathering Times: 9am or 11am


3 courses run a year. This is a great course on the basics of the Christian faith. You'll share a meal with some people and make friends. No question is off limits and you'll find yourself understanding the love of God more through Alpha. It is a great introduction to what we mean when we say YOU BELONG!

We believe that Jesus is who he said he is. Through our gatherings and learning experiences, we grow in that belief. At New Hope, you'll be grown in you faith. Rooted is an amazing opportunity to go deeper in your walk with Jesus.



Jesus said that
"when we love him, we will be obeying him..."

To be a Jesus follower is to truly FOLLOW him. We mimic him. We learn to be like him. We follow his lead. We live according to the way things REALLY are. Jesus was clear he expects us to BECOME more like him. 

At NEW HOPE, you will be presented with opportunities to serve, to give, to pray, to engage the community, to love others and to join this band of fellow followers into what Jesus has for us!